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About Nika
About Nika

About Nika 

​With a rags-to middle class story likely similar to yours, I started by nursing career 7 years ago as single mom with nothing except the desire to make a better life for my son. 

Through hard work and determination, I am now a Nurse Practitioner specializing
in Family Practice and have begun my journey into Aesthetics. With a background in critical care including emergency and trauma. I can handle stressful situations and provide treatment and support with ease. 

As a single mom of now two kids, I’m a firm believer on the importance of community. That is why I surround myself with and offer up positivity, kindness, and encouragement every chance I get. Whether you’re just getting started in your small room or have a successful medspa, Nurture LLC can help support you and be part of your community.  


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