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Fibroblast Before & Aftercare


Immediately stop using any retinoids, alpha hydroxide, glycolic acid, lactic acid, and any exfoliating products. Have a very gentle face wash for your aftercare at home, the rest will be given by us. If you're having a long treatment you're welcome to bring lunch,snacks and drinks of your choice. Plain water is provided. It’s important to follow these instructions for the numbing cream to work best:

24 hrs before your treatment avoid:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol and dairy
  • Eat a good protein meal within an hour of your treatment.
  • If possible please come without any fake eyelashes and makeup.
  • Do not wear any metal jewelry.
  • Do not wear contacts if you’re having treatment in the eye area. You won’t be able to wear them for the next 2 days due to inflammation.
  • Take a shower the day of the treatment since it’s recommended not to wet the areas of treatment for 48 hrs.
  • The use of multivitamins and the increment of vitamin C (2000mg) have been shown to improve the healing time
  • No sun for 8 weeks after your treatment. Hyperpigmentation may arise in some cases. No smoking!

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